Its been two months already?!

Yes it has already been two months! Over the past few weeks some of the no’s in my training  have turned into yes's as I turned a wee corner in the recovery process.

After my surgery I needed a change of scenery. Trust me -  I love home and everything that comes with it but being able to start the month in NZ and finish in Queensland was awesome. Spending time outside my usual environment has helped me a lot with recovery. Christchurch was awesome with its relaxed lifestyle but was quite a bit fresher than where I finished the month in Port Douglas. I decided before I left, if I crocodile was chasing me, I would fulfil my urge to bolt after 3 months of no running. Happily it did it not happen! By the looks of things, I have come back a few shades darker so there is no need for fake tan just yet ;)

For a while everyday felt like Groundhog Day. It now feels awesome to be back training and getting into a routine and the swing of things. Over the next two months, something that a lot of athletes will put second best - if they are tired or short of time - is strength and conditioning work. For me, recovering from injury and to become a better athlete in the long term, this is going to be super important to get me back on track. I have a very bad habit of standing like a banana so posture is something I am working on.  Upper body strength is also becoming a focus as my arms definitely are about 4 x smaller than most guys I sit next to at the gym. It has actually felt like Christmas in May with all these brand spanking new recovery toys to play with. My trusty sidekick of a dog never leaves my side and is always there to watch me.

Being an Aussie, I have always unclipped with my left foot and to protect my hip, I had to start unclipping with my right. My first ride back on the road could have been the most embarrassing of my life. Do not fall over at the traffic lights. Balance. Centre of gravity. Pedal up. All the basic concepts Jamie had taught me years ago. As soon as I got home I spent the next 30 minutes or so riding up and down my street stopping and unclipping. Worth every second for my dignity!

Being home like I said has its ups and I have been able to spend some time with my parents. I was finally around for Mother’s Day to treat Mum with my baking skills and my awesome company! I also got to go into Sydney to see the Vivid exhibition. It was super busy in there and amazing to see what they can do with projectors blasting over the Sydney skyline and harbour. One downfall of being home is Mum’s constant pestering of me to stand up tall and pull my gut in. Man, have I heard that a few 100 times already! Love you Mum.


Going through the recovery process, at times I have felt alittle lost and not sure where this year is going to take me. Although nothing is set in stone, it is nice to get some direction and plans to look into the future with. Might even break my urge to run over the next few weeks! I would just like to thank Triathlon Australia staff and Jamie my coach in helping me move forward. Thank you to Campbelltown Catholic Club’s, CEO Michael Lavorato and Aquafit Gym on supporting me through my recovery process and backing me for years to come! It is a great facility where I can get all my training done in the one place with world class equipment and most of the time a private swimming pool all to myself. I thought I would finish off with what two months post surgery training looks like…Tell you what - I am sleeping amazing at the moment!


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