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Tongyeong World Cup

After a long plane flight from Europe and arriving 7 hours ahead of the time we have been living at for the past 5 months, Korea awaited us for the last 5 days of our overseas trip. I have heard many things about Tongyeong especially the range of food choices and the lack of things to do. I am more than happy to live off rice and tuna for a few days but I was more worried about how long it’s been since my Olympic distance triathlon. Tongyeong does offer adamant facilities to swim, ride and run pre race.

An early start to race morning, I wasn’t feeling that well. Tired, change in eating times and nerves all settled in. The water was a fresh 20 degrees, a few degrees colder than a few days before. With only 26 girls starting, it was a small field to contend with. My first lap of the swim was an absolute shocker and I was stuck behind people and getting caught up in mid pack madness. Exiting the first lap, I was further back than I should have been and I knew I needed to make my move up …

Nice French Grand Prix

The 2nd last stop before heading back to Australia, this race was the final French Grand Prix for the year. In the middle of hard training towards other events later in the year, I was 99 percent positive that I was not certain how my body would handle racing. I am always excited to spend time with my French team as I am surrounded by different people, a different environment and another language to get my mind around. Arriving the day before, it was the first opportunity to have an easier day with minimal training and spend time with my French team. Nice reminds me of home- bike paths, beach, sunshine, tourists and relaxed residents!
The sun was shining, a non wetsuit swim and my team was ready to go. With Tri Val de Gray being in 9th place were still do not get much chance to pick our team place on the start line. So I would not really call massive stone like pebbles a beach! Sand please? It was actually quite painful running down into the water and I was scared if I dove into the w…

August Monthly Report

Where has the last 5 months gone? Time flies when you’re having fun!! I know it’s getting close to home as the important date has been written by Mum on the fridge at home. I have a wonderful opportunity given to me to race and live overseas for so long with the support of my biggest fans, my parents. I love the training base I am in here in Vitoria and could not be any happier. With the constant support from NSWIS and Triathlon Australia my time overseas is maximised to the greatest so I have a chance to perform to my best.
With the facilities of the recovery centre less than a minute across the road, my recovery from sessions everyday has been improved. With access to ice bath, hot salt water pools, normal pools and spas, I have time to have some self- time, water running in-between.
Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling, emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. Sometimes we forget to mention the people t…