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The time only comes once a year!

30 days has September, April, June and November…right? I am not sure where they have all gone but December is now at our door step.November consisted of soaking up too much sunshine, finding delicious cafes, catching up with what feels like long lost friends, spending some extra hours lying around in bed and doing some things for myself aka the most dreaded dentist. I have learnt to make the most of the time off as “reality” comes hunting you down way too quick. Back up in the clouds, I am soaking up the minimal oxygen up in Falls Creek once again to start the year. It’s a beautiful place up here, quiet and easy to revert back to fundamental basics which are important for this time of year.

I don’t get much time to explore Sydney but every year Bondi puts on the Sculptures by the Sea. It’s a free exhibition set up along the beaches from Tamarama to Bondi with a new thought process every year. You can get alittle crazy with it by bending down and doing what some of the sculptures are d…

Work hard in silence and let success be your noise!

My Season Review for 2013

Devonport Oceania Sprint Championships, February –
My first race of the season and it was time to dust some cob webs off to start the year. I had a decent swim but just missed a few girls up the road and was forced to ride in the middle of two groups. My run did not help me either after such a hard ride and finished 7th.

Wellington Oceania Olympic Championships, March-
My second race was much better with a solid swim but we ended up riding as one big group for most of the race. A massive positive was a sight of my run form coming through with a sprint finish for 4th place and making it through my first Olympic distance for the year.


Mooloolaba ITU World Cup, March –
A small but quality field, coming out of the water with the lead girls would change the aspect of the race. We rode strongly over the 40km but I became the one dictating the pace at the front up the hills. A hot and hilly run put me in survival mood but equally my best world cup finish with…