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Monthly Report-October

The secret race. We are all on our own secret race to be successful. Whether mentally or physically, we are able to achieve more than the person sitting next to us, by the race, goals or journeys that we have for ourselves. “ The stages of life are filled with many firsts each fulfilling the final journey of life with memories that will last forever”. From the start of October, I was on my journey to the final race of the season in Auckland, NZ. A early start to the racing season in January, approx. 42 flights later, I am now currently on my break for the year.

Sitting down in my backyard and for the first few days, I read the book “The Secret Race” by Tyler Hamilton. He is a former Olympic gold medalist and a seven time Tour de France rider who talks about the secrets in the professional cycling world andwhat it took to win- no matter what the cost. The book took me three days to finish and I was left wanting more. So many of the them cheated the system to achieve their goals by mani…