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WTS Hamburg

Arriving back in Hamburg for my sixth time makes me feel somewhat like a veteran of the sport, but it also means I have plenty of experience behind me to execute the demands of a hard fast course. I have never cracked the top 20 in Hamburg and I have always been left wanting more from myself. Over the past month I have done a few races in the lead up with two local races and Antwerp World Cup where I placed fifth. Training has been consistent and I knew I had the confidence, skills and race plan behind me to get the best out of my self on the day.

Having such a late start for race day is my favourite race day. The 6.40pm start time allows time for a bit of training, all the naps and chill time before its time to line up. The water was just over 20 degrees which meant no wetsuit and the air was just a little warmer. I decided I wanted to start far left to try and miss the chaos of the first can. As the better swimmers started lining up from the right I was not convinced I had made the …