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Home sweet home!

In the last week of my overseas trip for 2016, I jumped through six time zones to get back to my final destination - home. There was a lot of travel this year to places I have never trained or raced before but this year was probably the year I enjoyed the most out of the five years I have been away. Being happy training in the environment that you are in, I think reflects on performances mentally and your results at the end of the day.

World Championships in Cozumel was a great experience and I am very grateful to be the 42nd woman to represent Australia at a World Championships. Training in Florida was perfect to acclimatise to the weather conditions and to get some final hard sessions in for the year with the Wizards. Cozumel brought a lot of positives to take to the 2017 ITU season and prepare for a big two years leading to the Commonwealth Games. I have become confident in my swim and my ability to have processes in place to get me out near the front. By Cozumel, I learnt to back…