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A different start to 2015

A different start to 2015                         There are far better things ahead of us, than any we leave behind. Normally I would be writing to you about my season overview or me sitting 1600m above sea level in the clouds in Falls Creek. But this year has been different from the start.  Post surgery was about rebuilding me as a better and stronger athlete and now 8 months post, I can say we have been pretty successful at that. In saying that though, we haven’t finished yet. It has given me time too mentally and physically refresh, being in my home environment and focus solely on myself; what I needed to do, to get better.

Putting all three disciplines together, meant working on each individually to build up strength and confidence to get back and do my first triathlon after 7 months. And you know what, it felt awful! I have done three triathlons since then and thankfully, it has felt better everytime. Being able to do local club races, I have come back with no pressure to perform…