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Yokohama World Series 2013- Ouch!

You never really want to write race reports when they aren’t positive. You never really want to watch back you sliding along the ground. You never really want to reflect on what you did wrong. I didn’t want to go to sleep with the knowledge that I will wake up sorer. But hey, that’s part that makes you move forward and experiences that come with the sport we are in!

The start of the overseas journey, the “land of the rising sun” awaited us. A 9 hour flight we headed to Yokohama for the race on Sunday. Very luckily we got 3 seats to ourselves to lay down on the way over. The days leading up the race all I wanted to do was sleep and recover. We took things fairly easy and found a perfect crit bike course on Friday to stimulation Saturday. The water was a fresh 17 degrees and with rain predicted. More interesting, was our adventures to China Town in Japan, where we were have had a near year supply of cheap and fresh Sushi.

Down at the start line Saturday morning, I was trying to get my e…