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Auckland World Championships Under 23 2012

The past 4 weeks have been probably the hardest mentally and physically. I came back to Australia, jumping straight off the plane into pre worlds training. From then on, there was no going back with everyday providing challenging and quality sessions. I looked forward to everyday, waking up knowing what we were preparing for. We had specific Auckland spec sessions that threw everything it could at me, shattering, yet satisfying. I was training in an elite environment, surrounded by my 2 other Under 23 team members. We pushed each other everyday and I watched them improve and develop around me, quite scared of what they could bring out on race day. I came into everyday not knowing how I had recovered from the days before, taking the good with the bad, knowing that fatigue had settled in. The last month of preparation has flown past and before I knew it, we were travelling to Auckland.
Having the opportunity this year to be involved in World Triathlon Series races, I have been surrounde…

Macarthur Chronicle Article- World Championships


Monthly Report-September

163 days later, 11 countries, multiple trips, hours spent in airports and too many minutes to count sleeping in the most uncomfortable places gaining whip lash from swinging my neck, I am can finally change my current location for a few months as Australia. Home sweet home J The homely comforts of my own bed, coming home to dinner, my parents doing the shopping and washing and of course being back in “ctown” or Campbelltown, are probably the things I missed the most. Now I can say, that I can never escape France as I have Paris in my bedroom with a welcome home surprise on my wall. The even better part was that I was home to support my team in the AFL Grand Final. Not many people know that I like AFL but I am happy to admit, I am crazy fan! Happy to say after a few nervous moments, the Sydney Swans won JJ With the morning check of emails, the refresh button was getting a good working out since the calender rolled over to September as I awaited the email about the annoucement of the und…