Monthly Report-September

 163 days later, 11 countries, multiple trips, hours spent in airports and too many minutes to count sleeping in the most uncomfortable places gaining whip lash from swinging my neck, I am can finally change my current location for a few months as Australia. Home sweet home J The homely comforts of my own bed, coming home to dinner, my parents doing the shopping and washing and of course being back in “ctown” or Campbelltown, are probably the things I missed the most. Now I can say, that I can never escape France as I have Paris in my bedroom with a welcome home surprise on my wall. The even better part was that I was home to support my team in the AFL Grand Final. Not many people know that I like AFL but I am happy to admit, I am crazy fan! Happy to say after a few nervous moments, the Sydney Swans won J J
With the morning check of emails, the refresh button was getting a good working out since the calender rolled over to September as I awaited the  email about the annoucement of the under 23 Worlds Team for New Zealand. I was pretty excited to make the team and even better I got to share this with 6 others in Vitoria. The next few weeks in the lead up to Worlds are Auckland specific sessions getting us ready for the demands and exceeding the demands that will be thrown at us on race day. A acronym introduced into our training environment is ICE- intensity, clarity, execution. Its all about how to perform under pressure and training is the perfect opportunity to test it out.  I am extremely lucky to train in Wollongong during this time, in an environment that I am familiar with and can get into a daily routine. Time just flies and with less than 16 days till race day, the count down is on!
I tell myself I am pretty lucky as last weekend, I was in Korea and the weekend before that in France and the weekend before that in Spain. I would finally like to say thank you to everyone that made my 5 month trip possible. Thanks to NSWIS and Triathlon Australia for the constant support on the scenes and behind the scenes. Thanks to our service providers in Vitoria of Alex Price and Michael Barwick for keeping me in top shape day in day out. Thanks to my sponsors who give me the gear to improve my performance and I am always happy to support them in anyway they need. My last thank you goes to my parents for the constant support and loving they give me when I am a million miles away. Skype definitely has its smiles and tears.
Only one last stop on the calender to go.. Auckland, New Zealand J Time will soon tell what Auckland will bring…?!?


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