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At least I got to wear a pretty dress home...

From what I thought was a tight hip before Devonport, unfortunately X-rays, ultrasounds and MRI showed up much more thereafter. Yesterday I had a hip arthroscopy. Simply this means, I went into surgery to repair and remove a tear in the labrum of my hip (the cartilage).They also did a femur osteotomy where they shaved down bone that was impinging on the tear. It blows my mind away that it was amazingly done with only 3 small holes and only 4 stitches.

As you all can imagine, It's been a pretty big few weeks emotionally and mentally and tell you what, I am tired. I was lucky to have my own room with a big TV and internet that I could play around with. Although last night post surgery, all I wanted to do was sleep and eat. I had fasted for 24 hours so I was pretty stoked to see Mum brought me Easter eggs as I was starving! The painkillers worked there magic and the pulsing machine on my legs made it easy to sleep.

When I first got told surgery was a possible outcome on the phone, I …

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