Devonport Oceania Championships

My fourth year back to Devonport, another year of dusting off some cobbwebs for the first race of the 2014 season. Training has been going relatively well, starting to add intensity to our base training. What a shock to the system that is! The week leading into Devonport, I had no idea what to expect with a mixed lead up. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses and they were something I was going to have to play with on the weekend.
Race morning, the water was pretty much pancake flat and slightly under 20 degrees. Lining up the race nerves come back and you start to question, do I really know how to do this? With only a small field it was vital to get a good start and work with some of the stronger swimmers. With a smaller field there arent as many links in the chain, so I knew it was important to keep near the front. The choppy water made it hard out near the back buoys but I knew going harder now would benefit me later. After what felt like a pretty solid 1500m swim, I exited the water with 2 other girls and jumped on our bike 40 seconds ahead of the next bunch of girls.

I told myself to push hard from the start as I wanted to maintain a gap between us and them. Not being as confident in my run as I would have liked I knew this would be my only chance to get a win or a podium finish. One other NZ girls came with me and we both worked together well.  A little pinchy hill  that we did 6 times was added into the course this year which I personally like as it adds another element into the race and broke the field up alittle more. After 2 laps another girl joined us for the rest of the ride and we pushed the pace all the way till the end. This definitley helped out and gave me alittle more rest from having my nose in  the wind.

Coming off the bike with just over 2 mins, I had no clue how the race was going to pan out. Having not run much this week, it felt like I had no idea how to run, let alone run fast. Just adding some intensity into our running, I still don’t feel race fit and run to what the best was on the day. This is something that I am looking out to improve throughout the year and be more consistant. I ended up 2nd overall and I can see many positives to the start of the season.

Thanks Triathlon Australia for supporting me this weekend and getting more to and from the race. Thanks Devonport Triathlon for another organised and well run event! Thanks Keith Hedgeland and the Examiner Devonport for the photos. To end the weekend we ran into the man himself, John Howard. Have to work on our new support for some  Wollongong Wizard hand action!


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