At least I got to wear a pretty dress home...

From what I thought was a tight hip before Devonport, unfortunately X-rays, ultrasounds and MRI showed up much more thereafter. Yesterday I had a hip arthroscopy. Simply this means, I went into surgery to repair and remove a tear in the labrum of my hip (the cartilage).They also did a femur osteotomy where they shaved down bone that was impinging on the tear. It blows my mind away that it was amazingly done with only 3 small holes and only 4 stitches.
As you all can imagine, It's been a pretty big few weeks emotionally and mentally and tell you what, I am tired. I was lucky to have my own room with a big TV and internet that I could play around with. Although last night post surgery, all I wanted to do was sleep and eat. I had fasted for 24 hours so I was pretty stoked to see Mum brought me Easter eggs as I was starving! The painkillers worked there magic and the pulsing machine on my legs made it easy to sleep.

When I first got told surgery was a possible outcome on the phone, I went to swim training in tears and I didn't want to believe it. And yesterday when I was just about to go in theatre, I was still crying. The best thing over the past few weeks is that I was lucky enough to keep my mind off surgery still being able to swim and ride with the " Wollongong wizards" and what an awesome last week of training it was! My last ride in pouring rain ;)

To my family and to my boyfriend, Tom who have been there for endless support throughout the whole thing and given me a shoulder or a phone to cry on, I couldn't thank you all anymore. To my friends that I told, your kind words and positive attitude has kept me in good spirits, thank you! To my coach Jamie Turner and the Triathlon Australia staff who helped me get from one doctor to the next ASAP, it's been great being an environment with this support and help to get me the best treatment possible.

Unfortunately there is no definite set rehab time. Even if I have a few ideas on how long it will take, I am not going to put pressure on myself and it will take as long as it needs to take. But it means a few months getting back to where I need to be to put myself on the start line again! I can never get away from compression socks..



  1. Muchos ánimos desde España !

  2. All the best from Italy, always stay positive and you'll come back stronger than ever!


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