WTS Yokohama

For the past month I have split my time between home in Campbelltown, Wollongong and Canberra. Training has been building every week and I have been able to incorporate some downhill running back into my program which I found earlier in the year really worked for me. We have been working really hard behind the scenes and I came into Yokohama looking forward to being able to demonstrate that. Last year Yokohama showed I was able to perform under some tough conditions and I was confident of a good result this year.

I was relaxed on race morning and I knew what I needed to do to put myself in a good position. Not racing Bermuda, my ranking had dropped to 8th but it still gave me a good choice on the pontoon to have some good swimmers around me. The swim was pretty rough and I got caught up in the mess until the second buoy turn to come back into the pontoon. I started to move around people and move up in the field. The second lap pace got even faster and I had to close a lot of gaps . I …

March Monthly Report

From one place to another, March seems a blur. I travelled home from Abu Dhabi still so happy that finally I could put together a race I have been capable of. Although the season is long with the Grand Final in September, it is pretty surreal sitting now in third place on the WTS rankings.Thanks to everyone that sent me kind messages of support and for following my journey thus far. I had a busier week than normal post Abu Dhabi with a few media commitments and getting organised to go away for a month of racing. A good case of jet lag gave me a roller coaster sleep pattern as my body couldn’t decide what time zone it liked better.

 I lined up the weekend after Abu Dhabi to race Mooloolaba World Cup. After racing it five times before, I knew what to expect. Big swell, humidity and a tough course, Mooloolaba is always a good test.I exited the water with the main contentions and knew that would put me in a good position for the rest of the race. The bike was a bit of a shamble with only t…

WTS Abu Dhabi 2018 - my first WTS podium

With Abu Dhabi on the horizon, I had 4 weeks of consistent training in our Wollongong base with the knowledge of the demands that the race in Abu Dhabi would have. Building on training and confidence each week was a great starting base for the season. Doing some new sessions in our training environment in this year has lit a new spark giving me confidence back in areas that I had lost. On 16th February I raced in Devonport Oceania Champs where I placed second after a full week of training. It was great to put processes in place under fatigue and get a full race under my belt.

Race day threw everyone off guard with rain starting to fall and a colder air temperature. Abu Dhabi gets about three days of rain a year and racing on the F1 track was going to make critical moments even trickier. Before I even got to the race site, I was covered in sand, water and muck off the roads. I knew that having a good pre-race plan would be key to executing right on race day. Every Tuesday they open up t…

Stockholm WTS

Heading back to Stockholm for the fifth time I actually felt like a bit of a local.I arrived in Stockholm calm and motivated to deliver a good to a performance on race day. After Montreal WTS I was really disappointed not being able to put a race together that showed where I am currently at, on course really suited me. I was flat from the gun and my body couldn’t handle the high power spikes. We had a few days of training easy after we got back and this gave me ample time to self-reflect and stop second guessing myself. I had a French Grand Prix in Embrun in the French Alps the next weekend and this was a good non pressure race to do the basics right. I had a good result there finishing 6th with a solid breakaway up the climb and a win for my team Poissy Triathlon.

Race day in Stockholm was slightly cold, sunny but quite windy. I stood on the pontoon surrounded by very strong swimmers including Jess Learmonth beside me. Stockholm water conditions are very choppy which I think suits me…

Leeds WTS

Only two weeks have passed since Madrid World Cup and it actually felt strange having a weekend in Vitoria. The past two weeks especially have been specific work to the demands of the Leeds course but also personal work on my run form. I have been working a lot with our staff here and back home on being more efficient when I run slow and even more so when I run fast. Every week we have been working on small changes and key words and I can already feel the difference in the changes. I didn’t have the best of races in Leeds last year due to illness so I wanted to prove to myself that I had the ability to ride and perform well on such a demanding course.

With the start list being so small, this always means there are less links in the chain. I stood on the start line next to some very good swimmers and I knew the pace would be on from the start. Within 100m, we were already strung out in a single line. All I was thinking was hold onto the feet in front of you. The first lap was fast and t…


Since Yokohama I’ve settled into my ‘Winter’ home in Vitoria Gasteiz in the Basque Country of Spain. It always feels like home and we have been spoiled with perfect weather since we have arrived. Vitoria is ideal for training and coming back every year I realise just how fortunate we are to have it as our training base overseas.

Last weekend I travelled to France to compete in the first GP of the season in Dunkerque with my French team Poissy Triathlon. I was unsure how I would go after a long week of travelling. My swim was not the best and I had to play catch up on the bike to get on the first pack. I felt really strong when I started running and ended up in a group of five girls with four girls up the road. The pace was fast with our group sprint finishing for top 10 places. I finished in 8th place with only nine seconds separating 3rd to me.
We had a solid week of training in Vitoria before driving to what feels like a home race in Madrid with it only three hours away. I haven’t b…

Yokoahama WTS

Leading into Yokohama, I was training down in Canberra apart of a sleep high/sleep low carbohydrate study based out of the Australian Institute of Sport. It gave me an interesting insight into my daily nutrition and how to fuel pre/post session. More than anything I realised how mentally ingrained certain habits are e.g. fuelling post session.Although we were a part of this study, we incorporated normal training and specific Yokohama sessions. Being based out of Canberra, I am very grateful for the use of the world class facilities and the amazing training grounds Canberra has to offer. It is the best place I have trained and I look forward to going back hopefully in the future to make the most of it. With a month in Canberra, I gained consistency in our weekly training which gave me a great indicator of my form and the opportunity to go into Yokohama with a positive mentality looking towards the race.

My last time in Yokohama was in 2013 which felt like yesterday when I landed into th…