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WTS Yokohama

For the past month I have split my time between home in Campbelltown, Wollongong and Canberra. Training has been building every week and I have been able to incorporate some downhill running back into my program which I found earlier in the year really worked for me. We have been working really hard behind the scenes and I came into Yokohama looking forward to being able to demonstrate that. Last year Yokohama showed I was able to perform under some tough conditions and I was confident of a good result this year.

I was relaxed on race morning and I knew what I needed to do to put myself in a good position. Not racing Bermuda, my ranking had dropped to 8th but it still gave me a good choice on the pontoon to have some good swimmers around me. The swim was pretty rough and I got caught up in the mess until the second buoy turn to come back into the pontoon. I started to move around people and move up in the field. The second lap pace got even faster and I had to close a lot of gaps . I …