If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough

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After a 17 hour straight flight home from Dallas, it was great to have two feet on solid ground back on home soil. Most of all, I missed my beautiful dog. This year was a good developing year coming back from surgery last year and I learnt a lot about getting back on the WTS circuit every race. The dynamics of the race changed, tactics came into play for Olympic points and people generally got stronger. Chicago World championships didn’t end up the way that I worked hard for in training as an Olympic distance turned into a sprint. It wasn’t the ending that I wanted for the ITU year with a 7th place at under 23 world championships but it makes me even more determined to work hard in building up strength in the off season for a big year next year. I am happy to be back at NSWIS gym working with my same strength and conditioning coach from last year, working on fundamentals for my weaknesses. 

To end the year, I have been training for two non drafting races, Nepean Triathlon and Noosa Triathlon. Thank you to Tri Hub and Neil Pryde Bikes Australia for getting me on a TT bike for these races. Also a big thank you to Ryan at 3Dbikefit for getting me set up properly. I have been really enjoying my time on my TT bike as it is something different to what I have been doing all year. Out at the Penrith Regatta Centre, around the velodrome or along Northern Road to Penrith, are all perfect environments without traffic lights to get some quality time on my bike. I have had two races with Panthers Tri Club, which have both provided me with stiff competition at the end of a hard training week. Nepean is close to home for me, so I am excited to have my family, friends and other club members out there competing and spectating.

Being back in Campbelltown, I am lucky to have the support from my local gym, Aquafit, where I do a lot of my training. The facilities are world class where I can swim, do gym or grab a milkshake post swim. I have my favourite lane in the pool, lane number 2 and the lifeguards laugh at me for moving when the lane comes free, if someone else is in it when I get there.  For outdoor swims, the conti pool in Wollongong cant be beaten with its beautiful views of the ocean and Wollongong harbour. It’s perfect for wetsuit swims and the odd time when the water gets warm enough to soak up the sunshine.

Last weekend, I helped out Garmin at the Health and Fitness expo in Sydney. It’s great being a part of a continuing growing brand, with some great new products on the market that I am sure a lot of people will be putting on Christmas list this year. Garmin is also one of the major sponsors of Noosa Triathlon and this year will be a part of one of my favourite events from last year, Bondi Splash and Dash run by one of the Bondi Lifeguards, Reidy. It is on the 21st of November on iconic Bondi beach with the main event being a 2km run/1km swim/1km run. It would be great to see you all competing or watching in it's second year of this special event.

Photo credit- Kim Adamson


It is now the final push for the last few races of the season and I am determined to put some hard training together over the next few weeks. " If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough"



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