Auckland WTS- Just like a mixed bag of lollies

I am looking at my third year in Auckland as a mixed bag of lollies. You like some lollies you get and some lollies you leave behind everytime. I was looking forward to racing Auckland this year and I have always loved this course but somewhere in the back of my mind, it was a big daunting experience. WTS racing is different racing altogether and it was my first WTS back since August 2013. Every opportunity is one to learn from and build on especially in my comeback year. We always have perfect preparation in Wollongong to meet and exceed the demands of competition and trust me some sessions were not pretty.

The swim was 2 laps of 750m non wetsuit swim. I didn’t have my usual spark, and got caught up in the fighting and didn’t get clear water till the first buoy. We stayed in the same group for both laps of the swim and exited the water just over 30 seconds back off the front group of girls.  Jumping on my bike, I saw who was around me and knew we had some strong cyclists that would be our magic carpet like Lisa Norden who would be pushing the pace from the start.

Holy moly those first two laps hurt! I was on the rivet and holding on as we were making up about 20 seconds a lap on the front group. Just as we caught the front group, Gwen went past me to get on and I missed her wheel. I still have this moment playing in my head and it’s frustrating when that two second decision drops from right under you.  I got dropped from the front group and knew it possibly could be a long 40km ride. The group that ended up forming was girls that originally got dropped and ones that were dropping lap by lap from the main group. For the next 6 laps we rode pretty well together but should have worked more on the downhill sections.

The first lap of the run I actually felt alright and thought about keeping process and build into it at my own pace with that front group so far ahead. After people starting catching me from the group behind, I lost focus and it felt like the longest 10km. I have been running better than that in training so I am looking forward to putting it into practice in a race. Finishing 25th, I wanted to do a lot better. It is also alittle disappointing but gives me big motivation to build and learn throughout the season. Next stop is Gold Coast WTS in two weeks time. 


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