Surfs Up in Mooloolaba

My fourth year back in Mooloolaba, it never disappoints with warm water, great views and sunshine. Leading into Mooloolaba World Cup, we had a perfect training race in Wollongong the week before to sharpen up with. It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly been a year since I had a hip arthroscopy already. I couldn’t be anymore grateful that I had a pretty easy but long recovery to get back on the circuit.

photo credit- eyes wide open

Photo credit- Taylor C

With the big surf, they had to move the start of the race to where the surf was smaller down the beach. Warming up, I was getting tossed, turned, flipped, a mouthful of saltwater and actually alittle scared of the waves. Walking back to line up, all I was thinking was, we do this every week in Wollongong. If I am scared, everyone else is just as scared as me, if not even more scared which I had to use to my advantage. I knew I needed to have fast start into the water, get over the breakers and get into a rhythm to the first buoy. I got in a good position and was 2nd around the first buoy. It never seems to amaze me though that people still want to drown you up the front.  I didn’t want to get drowned again so I moved myself to the front and got around the 2nd buoy without any problems. It was going to be luck of the draw and pure skill on catching a wave into shore. And I got no waves to assist me at all.  Coming out in the front, we had a long run that was going to be important in sorting out the race. I missed my box with my goggles and made that split second decision to put them back in and not get a penalty.
Photo Credit- Des Thureson

I rode pretty hard for the first section and climb making sure I got into that lead group. I didn’t have my feet in my shoes till over the first hill, where I felt I was comfortable in that lead group. The ride was very off and on. Into the tailwind it felt hard for sections and into the headwind, if you weren’t at the front, you could spin easier at the back. I made the mistake of taking the easy ride with no one working and I probably could have backed myself more and been abit more tactical. On a positive, I made sure I was in a good position leading into the narrow sections. By the end of the last lap with the little work our group was doing, we got caught by the chase group and we would enter transition together.

Photo credit- Taylor C
I had a pretty good T2 and I was fairly quick, hitting the pavement for a hot and fast run. Unfortunately, I know myself that I have missed some quality work with alittle niggle in my groin so I knew it wasn’t going to be on my fastest runs. My form felt good but I just had no speed to give. Ending up 18th wasn’t what I wanted but again it’s good to be back racing and continue gaining confidence in a bigger and stronger field. Next up is Auckland WTS on the 28th of March! 


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