Little Steps Felt Like Big Ones

Week 1
Probably the best week of sleep I have had in my life. I soaked up 12 hour sleeps every day and with ease could have slept for longer except I was starving! I learnt a lot about how I could move, how I could get up my stairs and how to work these other 2 legs given to me. I always had an urge to swing on them as if they were play toys or just run amuck on them. Probably not the smartest idea. Big thank you to Mum who became my nurse; changing my ice pack and bringing me painkillers at all hours. A pretty scary moment for me or anyone was when my mind told my leg to lift and nothing happened. It was like nothing was connected. It was a week of a lot of ups and downs, trying to find ways to fill in my time and take my mind away from triathlon. To my surprise it actually went pretty quick. Baking, reading, movies and a little random I did a latch hook pillow.

Week 2

I got the all clear to walk without crutches and my 4 stitches were removed. Just
because my stitches were out didn’t mean I had any more movement. I still struggled to put on socks and shoes or walk up the stairs. I felt like this little lab after a day walking around. I was a lot of mobile than I thought I would ever be after a week. Just wish I was mobile enough to race my favourite race on the WTS circuit in Auckland. It was hard watching but makes me realise how important it is to recovery right and get back to being there with the girls. With my stitches being out, I was able to jump back in the pool with a pull buoy. Felt like I hadn’t swam for years. I have made regular friends in the aqua aerobic pool which are also hip and knee surgery patients. Their average age would be about 80 but man do they have some speed walking in the pool. With some extra time on my hands, I decided it was time to stop chickening out and poach my first egg. I thought I was boss because the first one turned out perfect, the second one not so much.

Week 3
To continue my randomness, I have ordered a new project to do. A few actually, with one being a rug which should keep me busy over the next few months. Mum has been teaching me how to knit. It looks pretty simple but I am still so confused. Every week is a build on exercises and getting my strength back up in whole hip area. At the moment there is definitely no Beyonce booty. Alex Price, my
physiotherapist in Wollongong taught me an important lesson about there is no such thing as I can’t; sometimes things just need a little push to get started again. To change up swimming, I did some bungy swimming where I attached a stretchy elastic to the block and a weight belt around my waist and swam for a few minutes. Definitely tests your mental strength! What’s a week without baking. I put some old bananas to good use and baked up some delicious warm banana bread on a freezing day in Sydney. Winter is not looking very warm at all!

Week 4
4 weeks post op and 2 months were I haven’t put my running shoes on. To be honest it feels like I ran out the door yesterday. I got all clear to jump back on my bike this week. I was stoked to ride 2km, let alone by the end of the week building up to over 10km. I don’t get to catch up with one of my best friends growing up much anymore as she is now in the defence force but when we can, we try and do as much as possible. We made the most of the beautiful Good Friday weather in Wollongong, jumping into the not so inviting brain freeze cold ocean pool! Saturday, we went into the city and supported the Sydney Swans. I haven’t been to a Sydney Swans game in years so it was nice to throw on the jersey and see a game live. I must have brought some good luck with me as what do you know, they finally got their 2nd win for the season. And to finish Easter Saturday, you can’t beat Sydney at night; still has some awesome views!

What will May bring? Umm can I get back to you..? April has brought me many surprises and I am sure May will too. I am looking forward to progressing my rehab with the excellent service providers I have around me. It’s been a massive learning process already and I am actually learning a lot about myself too!  


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