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One year ago, 55 women and 55 men from 37 nations were lining up on the pontoon to start in the most important race of their life. Millions of eyes around the world and thousands of supporters lined the course to watch a race to gold. My eyes were glued to the TV here in Vitoria as I waited for who would be the new Olympic champion for triathlon in London. Who would have thought after 2 hours of racing three women would be sprinting down the blue carpet? I can remember every session from that day, probably because it was pitch black and 9.30 at night when my day concluded and I couldn’t be any more motivated with an Australian and a hometown girl, Erin Densham receiving a bronze medal.

In 39 days time, I will get my chance to go to London to represent Australia in the Under 23 team for World Championships. I am very happy the team was announced earlier than expected as I can not only physically but mentally prepare for the demands of race day. This is my third year on the Australian team and the third time I will pull out the green and gold nail polish. Hopefully we can get Grace out of her tomboy ways and wear some! ;)

Earlier this year I had a forced mid session break as I took injury leave. I knew I had to come bouncing back to be selected for the Australian team. Being able to compete in World Series races has given me vital and accelerated development opportunities within triathlon and has helped me gain confidence as I race against the worlds’ best. I also give massive credit to the professional environment that I am privileged to be training in with my coach Jamie Turner and the three other girls that will be on the start line with me in London. The Wollongong Wizards are back for 2013 and ready to take on the world.

So what’s been happening in England in July 2013?

-  The hottest days on record with a scorching 33.5 degrees in West London. That is a typical warm summer day at home.

 - Andy Murray was the first British man in 77 years to break the hoodoo to win Wimbledon.

-  Prince George Alexander Louis was born. Whilst I was googling how to spell his royal name, they are already predicting what he will look like at 16.

Although there is plenty of excitement leading up to London, it will be business as always in Vitoria with racing, training and plenty of 1% to work on. It is so busy in Vitoria at the moment with Canadians, Americans and us Aussies, that we had the perfect race simulation opportunity at open water. We called it "Landa World Cup". Plenty of personal bubble breaking and with nearly 20 girls diving off a pontoon to try and get to the first buoy first. It was a perfect situation to simulate a race.

With business there is pleasure and on Sundays’ we make the most of the recovery with the facilities at the Bakh Centre. The words "tengo frio" are used quite often as the ice bath seems colder every time I visit and I am still amazed how people dunk their heads in. Outside there is a play pool, where the beach chairs beckon you to relax and soak up the sunshine. What do I do – try and catch a cloud – there is no time for relaxing in the path to London.


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