March Monthly Report

Travel certainties – it is very unlikely that:

ü  My bike bag weights less than 23 kgs

ü   I don’t get 100 stares whilst I wait in the airport check up line

ü   I pick the nice airline counter lady or man

ü   I won’t leave without getting Sumo Salad at Sydney Airport

ü   I will leave the plane without a sore neck or even some tears if I watch the right movie

ü   I wouldn’t join the hundreds of people trying to find free wifi when we land


When the mornings start to become cold and the grass is wet from frost, its nearly time to go again. Well, within a short 37 days till I leave Australia for another 6 months, I have decided that it is time to get organised or realise what I have done wrong in my last 2 years. “Girls, always making the easy things difficult”- the saying I have heard so many times.  Being allowed to take 2 pieces of luggage has given me room to take a lot of my wardrobe across the ocean. Being a girl, I have packed a lot of clothes but have only ended up wearing about 10kgs of my 23kgs and wear my running clothes around everywhere. Comfort over style! Even though we are in Spain, and they speak a different language, it is amazing that you are able to buy the same clothes that you can get here!  I am hoping to do much better this year with my packing hopefully not miss out packing any of the real essentials. With all the electronic gadgets you are bound to forget one cable to charge something and now, more important than my iphone cable, is my Di2 battery charger. This will head my ever growing reminder list on my phone - reminders are essential and have helped me out plenty of times!


I am heading back to Vitoria with a goal not only to perform but to learn, explore and appreciate the Spanish culture. I am aiming to extend my fluent 3 word Spanish vocabulary. This year, it’s time to kick start this and get out of our apartments when we have the time. This makes me excited to get back to my overseas home away from home.


Although it’s nearly time to go, Wollongong has gained the “where would you rather be?”status. With midday swims at the Continental pool providing breathe taking views there could not be a better place to train. I have also made a new “Buddy” with my friend Blake Fulko new little puppy. He started the staring competition but how could you not look into his puppy dog eyes.


Tomorrow I am flying to Auckland for my first WTS of the year.. back to where last year ended!


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