February Monthly Report


“Twists and Turns” This is the title of the Matthew Mitcham autobiography - a truly inspiring story that was compelling reading. He was a transitional athlete that moved from gymnastics and was picked up by an AIS coach mucking around at his local pool. He has moved past adversity and come out the other end with an Olympic Gold medal. “People kept remarking on how they were surprised that a gold medal and fame hadn′t changed me. I always responded, "Why would I change? Being me is the easiest person to be." He isn’t just a pretty face!

Within my own life, although I don’t dive, fly or fall with style, I have my own twists and turns; not from 10m platform hitting the water at 60km an hour, thank goodness! Realistically, I twist :  rotation with every stroke in swimming ( I might be a bad example if you have ever watched me swim ;) ), daily exercises from Alex Price or the occasion dance move boogieing around my house. I turn : flip turns on the wall, unwanted roly-poly’s  in the massive surf that even come with the added bonus of a few tears and lost goggles, turning corners on my bike and doing U turns on the run. These are the simple twists and turns in my life and I do them everyday automatically but these have given me memories and experiences that have moulded who I am and who I will be.

 We are lucky enough to train now in an environment with one of the best runners in the world - “Invaluable experience that you can’t necessarily just teach” (Emma Snowsill).This adds to the twists and turns as you get the chance to watch, learn and chase. I had my first race of the season in Devonport, Tasmania and I got another opportunity to observe what it takes to be the best - the person getting further and further up the road. I can already see the positive contribution in my daily training environment and I am pleased she has made the choice to train with us. She also gave me a good excuse to bake up at storm and test out my cheesecake baking skills for the squad.

To end, check out the article from Triathlon Australia on my coach Jamie Turner: http://www.triathlon.org.au/Coaches/Coaching_News/FEBRUARY_INTERVIEW__Three_Minutes_with___Jamie_Turner.htm


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