May Monthly Report

"When you can’t change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails.” May has given me the chance to do this. I learnt my lesson early this month and had to adjust or fix what I was doing to achieve what I knew was achievable- the controllable’s that I can control. Everybody has 2 voices in their head- the angel and the devil per say that direct us. This year is all about taming the devil to play to the way I want this year to play out.

When I look back to Huatulco World Cup, a race I rather forget but with a memorable hill, I had my first overseas hit out. I wanted to take so much out of the race. Take on the challenge of the one of the hardest courses in the ITU circuit and give it a run for its money. A holiday destination to some, the hard, hot and challenging course gave an insight into many and myself what it takes to be the best. I basically got spat out the back and forced to learn the hard way. With a some what unexpected and disappointing result, I was forced to be hard on myself- pick up the pieces and put them back into a puzzle.

Just like the movies or what I call everyday life, I was off on a plane another long journey to the other side of the world.  Having hours to think to myself, and get back to the right mindset, my Europe adventures started. After a week of having time to myself, training myself, soul searching in the fields of France and attempting to count my strokes and speak in French, what I call my day job came back to play.  When I think about the Worlds in Auckland this year, a race that demands a lot, I think both mental and physical aspects play a vital part in being the best. It’s the person that can make those 1 percents, as important as the 100 percents and every process automatic. Even when you might not want to dive into cold water or what you don’t expect happens, you can’t change it. Accept the process and move forward. With inspirational words from some of the most respected in the sport, I gave it my best crack and came out with more than I expected. You want people to be scared of you.

But the big question is…Why be scared? Why be nervous? A World Triathlon Series race to me is hitting the big time. The highest level I can achieve. Nothing to lose and lots to gain. Madrid, WTS #2, a chance to move forward, get some TV (just for my parents back home- extended skype session) and bring to the table what I can give. I showed to myself that I can be there in the swim, keep my position on the bike and still have to work on being strong and consistent in my run. A big thing that I have taken out of all my races this month is my run. If I had one thing to work on this year, it would be building the right amount of strength to be there on the bike and in control on the run. I have plenty of opportunities to work on this and races to see development and process throughout the year. With my coach, Jamie Turner and the excellent support staff that I have around me, it’s time to optimize all opportunities and look forward- when jumping on your bike out of T1, never at your feet… you only go sidewards!


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